The Egg Industry Center, located at Iowa State University, and the Iowa Egg Council & North Central Poultry Association, located near Des Moines, have created a fantastic hands-on learning opportunity in communications! 

Internship duration is mid-May through August 18, 2024. Interviews will be held at Iowa state. 

 Internship Requirements: 

  • Must be at least 18 years old on Jan. 1, 2024. 
  • Must have valid driver’s license and reliable transportation. 
  • Must be willing to work 40 hours per week or more as special assignments require. 
  • An ability to work the duration of the Iowa State Fair. 
  • Has a basic appreciation for the importance of the U.S. egg and poultry industry, with an interest to learn more. 
  • Has some experience or coursework in writing/communications. 

Preference given to students who have some or all of the following: 

  • Is entering their sophomore, junior or senior year in the Greenlee School, Ag Education – communications option, Ag communications, animal science or related communications degree field at Iowa State University. 
  • Has a great understanding of how audiences gain and use information. 
  • Is a self-motivated individual comfortable working in an environment with little direction at times. 
  • Has the ability to troubleshoot and accomplish tasks in a detailed and time-sensitive manner. 
  • Has excellent journalism/copy writing skill sets. 
  • Has the ability to understand and summarize research articles. 
  • Has experience in graphic design/photography. 
  • Uses Microsoft Office and Adobe Design Suite. 

How to Apply 

To apply, please e-mail these four things: 1) cover letter, 2) resume (including GPA and references), 3) example of past work/writing sample, and 4) a maximum one-page description of an innovative idea to help drive egg/egg product sales or enhance a positive egg farmer image, to Lesa Vold at lvold@iastate.edu. Please call 515.294.4037 with questions. 012824 Page 2 of 3 


This internship program provides an excellent opportunity for students interested in communications, public relations, marketing, agricultural research, food science or agribusiness to get a first-hand look at how information is developed and disseminated to farmers and consumers. The intern must be able to positively represent the U.S. egg industry and Iowa’s poultry industry as they gain this practical experience for their future. 

This experiential learning opportunity is short-term (summer) employment based in the North Central Poultry Association/Iowa Egg Council Urbandale, Iowa headquarters and the Egg Industry Center located in Ames, Iowa. Weeks/months will be split by the organizations to best utilize the student’s travel time between both the Ames and Urbandale locations. For additional information, please see each organization’s website. 

Program Objectives: 

  1. Provide an outstanding young adult the opportunity to positively represent and work on behalf of the poultry and egg industry in order to advance the U.S. egg industry and the corporate objectives of the Iowa Egg Council/North Central Poultry Association. 
  2. Provide a challenging, educational and rewarding opportunity for a student to gain a practical education on the function of a research and extension organization and the business of an ag association. In this case, experience is specifically centered on the research, marketing and generic promotion of eggs/egg products. 
  3. Generate assistance (human resources) to implement the Egg Industry Center’s, Iowa Egg Council’s, and North Central Poultry Association’s mission and work. 
  4. Introduce potential future employees to the poultry and egg industries and position the North Central Poultry Association as a potential future employer to interns and candidates. The position also helps build rapport with academic and agricultural leaders who may lend assistance/recommendations to fill professional positions. 
  5. Provide constructive input about the organizations’ programming and operations, specifically about the internship program and its potential value for upcoming years. 
  6. Build awareness in the academic and agricultural communities of the Egg Industry Center, Iowa Egg Council and North Central Poultry Association as organizations that offer interesting and rewarding career opportunities. 
  7. Enhance the relationship of the Egg Industry Center and the North Central Poultry Association with those in the industry and supporting academic community. 
  8. As the situation arises, this internship program may provide the intern with professional training/development opportunities by those outside of the hosting organizations. 

Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to: 

  • Work with others to identify and develop promotional and educational opportunities for the egg and poultry industry 
  • Assist team with programs such as: tours, open houses and social media events 
  • Contribute to the writing, development and distribution of communication pieces and media materials 
  • Update websites and social media platforms 

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  • Assist with events and event planning surrounding food bank donations, Iowa Games, the Iowa Food and Family Project, the North Central Poultry Association’s Fall Festival, and the Egg Industry Center’s Egg Industry Issues Forum 
  • Engage in efforts to reach consumers and share egg nutrition and industry messages with consumers through the Egg on A Stick initiative at the Iowa State Fair 
  • Perform miscellaneous administrative and support functions including, but not limited to, report writing, ordering materials, collecting information, organizing files, updating contact lists, etc. 
  • Perform other tasks as assigned 

Other Provisions: 

1. Upon application, the intern must certify that he or she is available to work during the entire state fair. 

  1. Although the organizations anticipate the internship to last for approximately three months, no selected intern is guaranteed to have his or her internship last for any period of time. Both organizations reserve the right to end their portion of the internship for an individual at any time, for any reason. Agreement by an individual to participate in the internship does not constitute a contract or guarantee of employment. 
  2. The organizations reserve the right to discontinue the joint internship program if no qualified applicants (as determined by the organizations) exist. Each organization reserves the right to offer their position as individual internships at that time. 
  3. Family members of the Egg Industry Center, North Central Poultry Association or Iowa Egg Council directors or staff are ineligible for consideration unless all boards grant a special exception. 
  4. Must be able to pass a background check. 


As a part-time employee of both Iowa State University and the Iowa Egg Council/North Central Poultry Association, the intern will be a participant in two separate compensation programs. 

• The intern will be paid an hourly wage commensurate with experience, but starting no lower than $13/hr. Pay may not be the same for both organizations. 

• Mileage and other expenses incurred during work hours are eligible for reimbursement according to the relevant organization’s expense policies. 

• Interns are not eligible for any benefits other than those provided to all employees under applicable law. 

Selection Process: 

  1. Applicants will be notified of their selection for an interview. 
  2. Interviews will be conducted at Iowa State and will occur within the same timeframe (i.e. you will interview jointly with both, or one organization and then the other). 
  3. Applicants awarded an interview will be notified of their acceptance status after both organizations can compile their interview information and reach a decision on the best candidate. 
  4. Selected intern candidates will be asked to confirm acceptance of the position via e-mail and a start date is mutually agreed upon.