• Step 1

    First make the hash browns and make sure they are crisp by sauteing them in a small amount of oil, set aside.
    Saute the peppers and onions set aside.
    Crack eggs into a bowl and whisk so the yolk and whites are combined.
    Next pour eggs into a saute pan, season with salt and pepper, and scrambled until they are done.
    Next, place a tortilla on a plate and layer the ingredients inside.
    Drizzle with the cottage cheese queso, or sprinkle with shredded cheddar cheese.
    Cut one tortilla into 4 pieces.
    Lay a cut piece on top of the pile of ingredients, then start folding the edges of the other tortilla up and onto the first tortilla in a circular pattern.
    Place back in the saute pan and cook until the tortilla has started to turn brown.